Fairchild- Rotork Instruments

At Fairchild, they strive to be "easy to do business with," which encompasses their commitment throughout the organization to provide World Class products and support for every customer. Fairchild's continuing improvement efforts ensure Fairchild's commitment to provide only the highest quality goods and services for your requirements.

Valves, Actuation & Accessories

I/P, P/I converters, Press Regulators, Volume Boosters,YTC Products, Valve Positioners, Soldo Controls, Limit Switches, Valve Position Indicators

Instrument, Measurement & Controls

Pressure Regulators, Pressure Transducers, Volume Boosters, Pneumatic Relays, I/P, P/I converters, Pressure Regulators, Volume Boosters, YTC Products, Valve Positioners, Sold Controls, Limit switches, Valve Position Indicators

Fairchild- Rotork Instruments